Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Upload and Post Flash SWF file on Google Blogger

If you want to post a Flash Banner on Blogspot, you can do it easily by following instructions below:

1. Make a Flash banner (.swf file) with Flash Studio or Flash Banner Maker software, for example Flash Intro and Flash Banner Maker at http://www.aleosoft.com

2. Upload the generated Flash SWF file to any web host, and get the URL address of the Flash SWF file. If you don't have a web host, you can upload your flash files on Google pages for FREE.
  • Open http://pages.google.com , sign in with your Gmail account. Check the option "I agree to the terms", click the button "I am ready to create my pages" below, and login.
  • Click the link "Back to Site Manager" on the top left corner, and goto the Site Manager Home.

  • Click "Upload" button on the right side, then browse and select the Flash SWf file on your local hard disk, upload it.
  • Now, the uploaded file will be listed in the "Uploaded stuff".
3. Now you have uploaded the Flash SWF file to Google Page, you should get the URL address of the SWF file and note it. In Internet Explorer, you can simply click the file, open it with IE, and copy the link address in the address bar. If you are using Firefox, you may right click on the file, in the popup menu, click "Copy Link Location", and get the link address. The link address should look like http://kevinleo2008.googlepages.com/myflash.swf

4. Now, the final step. You need to include the Flash banner to your Blogger post.
  • Open your blogger editor, swith to the "Edit Html" mode, then add the following code to any of the sections in your post.

  • Please replace the URL in the code to your own URL and set your own dimensions of Flash SWF file. In this case, the URL address is http://kevinleo2008.googlepages.com/myflash.swf , the width and height sizes are 150.
  • The Flash banner displays like below:


Rishikesh Sinha said...

Great ......

the best in internet..


Rishikesh Sinha said...


i ahev used this technique inthe flash image in the post..

yaweluck said...

Hi will you please make video Tutorial, on this one Thank you

Anonymous said...

No wonder the software is great but i feel that a feature is missing.
The player should be able to display a picture,associated with a particular song, embedded in the player.

Ruchi said...

thaaaank you for this!

Potatochobit said...

this is great thanx!
I just uploaded an SWF to a hosting and posted it in the script and all done! I wish blogspot help would make this information more available.

Pushpa Studio said...

i also hve same problem thet i want to upload a sitemap xml and html file can u help me?


Pushpa Studio said...

i also hve same problem thet i want to upload a sitemap xml and html file can u help me?

UFOManiacs said...

Google Page Creator is no longer accepting new sign-ups. So is it o.k. to use imageshack to get the code? I have my code but the flash file will not show,the code is accepted fine but the movie will not play.BTW I am try to get it for my header only.

Jeamy said...

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Melissæ said...

Nothing like some animation to spice up the boring default layout. Thanks!

bukovets said...

its not work as snippet

Neil said...

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Todays Technology said...

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oquiworld said...

hi. i have uploaded my .swf to zhare.com.. but i don't know how to embed it in my blogspot. can you help me with this one? thanks. here's the url:


it's my first ever flash project. i really want to put it in my blog. thanks!

BigGio said...

hey got a prob.firstly, thegoogle page is not available anymore so i tried Google sites. i uploaded, and things gets different.pls advice

Kenlokai M Sop-Lepen said...

thanks alot for your helpful post

Longjon said...

Could you please please update this advice. google page creator is no longer available and the replacement doesn't work with your current instructions. thanks.

ITTADAKIMASU... >.< said...

Thank you so much

expanium said...

Suban el archivo .swf

a: www.fileden.com

y pegan la URL al código:

Please replace the URL in the code to your own URL and set your own dimensions of Flash SWF file.

Tao Fallenstar said...

Seems easy enough, didn't work for me. I pasted the url for my hosted .swf file into the code you provided but all I get is a blank square!
Please help!

"Maitreya " - Ban said...

Cool! Love it thanks a bunch..

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QuoQuo said...

Can someone please help me? I would like to know how to make my flash animation .swf appear ONLY on my blog homepage and not in the rest of the pages.


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Jeannette Klarenbeek said...

My swf file is not loading can someone help me ...

Kind regards Laura


Mark said...


thankyou very much for the tutorial
much appreciated :)

CppBuilder2006 said...

googlepages obsolete now. we can have google sites. googlepages cannot be created any more.

kristinawils said...

Great tutorial very easy to understand, web design company Thanks For Sharing.

Rifki Bachmid said...

thank you friend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article!
Btw.: Since google-page is out of buissness. The procedure works with google-docs too, if you share the file with everyone!

Zahid Rouf said...

Hey, how to add flash in HTML/Javascript widget ?? can you please let me know about it ? i tried with those tags but that wont work... :(

jack said...

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YAMINI said...

Could do u plz help me,how to place the swf file as intro page to blogspot blog?

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tatc said...


Tarique Darbhanga said...

plaease please ..........any one help me ....? how i upload flash swf on my blogspot post i tried but not accept my blog swf file when i priview so i saw only link that......

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Arti Honrao said...

Googlepages is no longer available.
What do we do?
The swf file is properly uploaded on sites.google.com under documents but the link to share it (public) does not open the flash when inserted in the code.
Same with box.com
Any help?

Arti Honrao

Arti Honrao said...

Found the solution.
Like we all know, the code is perfect. The only problem was googlepages is no longer available. We needed a replacement for that.
I found one :
Dropbox I have uploaded my file there and it shows in the embed code, perfectly!

Hope this helps all those who have left comment here.


Arti Honrao said...

FileDen is a better option. Dropbox works only for you if you are signed into the account. For others it shows as white box.

I hope someone finds this useful.


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Rakesh said...

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Rakesh said...

Up loaded swf only shows in laptop or pc browser how I can play on androd mobile browser

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